Services for the Youth


“A church without youth is a church without a future. Moreover, youth without a church is a youth without a future”

One day

I was sitting with a youth and he was telling me about the churches in Egypt. His eyes were as wide as could be and he was talking with real emotion. I could feel his attachment to his beloved church and all that she and done for him. It wasn’t the size of the church that he loved (though he couldn’t stop mentioning it) or the marvelous iconography. No. It was that when he went to church, he felt that he was going somewhere marvelous, somewhere extravagant (and he was). He felt excited to go. He frequently called it his “second home”. Youth want a church of their own. A church they can run to. A church that fits not only the needs of the elders but the need of the young ones and of the youth. Through the grace of God, we plan to offer many services for the youth through the construction of our church building

For the youth

  • Dedicated Sunday School Rooms for all grade levels
  • Youth activity rooms for all grade levels
  • Dedicated areas for sport activities
  • The addition space will provide the means to have more liturgies in both English and Arabic
  • Media Room
  • Utility room for all youth-related activities